It's In Here Somewhere!

It's In Here Somewhere!

North Americans have too much stuff.  I am one of those North Americans.  Even before I became a husband, home owner and father of two little girls, I had too much stuff.  The reason? Holding on to the idea that A) I may need it B) I can’t part with it and C) I don’t know what to do with it. 

Knowing whether or not you need something or whether or not you can part with it once you’ve got it are things I can’t help you with.  What I can help you with is what to do with it – in this case, where to keep it.

Many new homes or real estate listings of existing homes tout large amounts of storage space.  But like all elements in a house, there should be as much thought in the design of the storage as has been put into the kitchen, bathrooms or landscaping. 

Storage is about more than just how much of it you’ve got.  It is just as important to think about its accessibility.  What areas of the house need storage? How is that storage organized?  How does the placement of that storage provide convenient access to the things stored in it? How flexible is it to hold different types of items?  These are simple but very important questions that allow you to organize your home.

A great philosophy to live by is to create integrated accessible storage – where the elements holding your stuff are more than just closets or boxes.  They become design features that are both beautiful and functional and contribute to the design composition of your space.

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